Mythological creatures like trolls show up in Troll and I.

Venture Into a Wild Tale of Friendship and Survival

Step into an enchanting vision of the past in Troll and I, a story of friendship and survival against the odds. Based in post-World War II Scandinavia, Troll and I combines harsh reality with a folkloric twist. Take on the roles of Otto, a teenage boy, and Troll, a fierce supernatural creature with whom Otto forms a rare bond, as they struggle to survive the wilderness, their inexperience, and bloodthirsty hunters on their trail.

With a bounty on their heads and nobody but each other to rely on, these two heroes face seemingly insurmountable odds and treachery at every turn. They must work together if they’re to survive—their unlikely friendship is their only hope.

Troll and I hunters

Solve Puzzles, Fight Enemies, and Explore the Wild

The action-adventure genre fuses the fun of combat and exploration with the story and puzzles of adventure games. This combination of mechanics and story drive some of today’s most beloved titles, including Tomb Raider and Uncharted, and Troll and I is no exception.

As you play Troll and Otto, you’ll take on a variety of mystical puzzles and fight off threats both mortal and supernatural. As if the hunters weren’t enough of a problem, the Scandinavian wilds also play host to numerous strange, dark creatures even more dangerous than the human hunters chasing you.

The wilderness of Northern Europe provides a picturesque backdrop for Troll and I’s story. A natural setting gives the action a chance to shine. Exploration, combat, puzzle-solving, and story are all equally important to the gameplay, making Troll and I the ideal action-adventure experience.

The unique abilities of the Troll and Otto give you options for how you progress in Troll & I, and because you can control each, you can switch up your approach.

Two Characters, One Story

Troll and Otto both have individual personalities and a set of skills to match. Otto is nimble and quick, while Troll’s brute strength makes him a formidable brawler. But there’s more to each character than their skills—Troll and Otto also have weaknesses that each helps the other overcome.

Skill trees allow you to develop the skills you find most valuable, and crafting encourages careful exploration and customization, giving you even more control over the experience. Both characters are crucial to the plot and gameplay, and you can switch back and forth between them as needed to overcome the various challenges you’ll encounter on your journey.

The ways in which these characters support one another is at the heart of Troll and I. Thrown together by dire circumstances, Otto and Troll must work together to navigate the perilous wilds of Northern Europe. By pairing these unlikely friends together, Troll and I emphasizes the importance of teamwork, friendship, and survival against all odds.

Troll and Otto

Troll and I Is the Adventure of Two Lifetimes

The wilderness can be fickle and notoriously unpredictable, even more so when there’s magic involved. It’s dangerous to go alone—but luckily, in Troll and I, you don’t have to.

Whether fending off a party of vicious hunters, slaying a ravenous supernatural beastie, or simply figuring out how to scale the next mountain or cliff, Troll and Otto have what it takes to survive as long as they have each other’s backs. Join these unlikely heroes on a touching and unforgettable journey that’s sure to put both wits and will to the ultimate test.