Abandoned Camp Scene

About Maximum Games

Maximum GamesMaximum Games publishes cross-genre and cross-generational games in a variety of genres ranging from sports to shooters to stealth thrillers, and everything in between. As a boutique publisher, we pride ourselves on working with independent and small development teams to produce high-quality electronic entertainment for consoles and PCs with an emphasis on innovation and fun.

Our partnership with Spiral House is an exciting one. We’re pleased to help facilitate the development of a title that’s so unique, combining our favorite elements of action-adventure games with RPG customization and a heartwarming story to tie it all together.

About Spiral House

Founded in 1998, Spiral House is a United Kingdom-based developer of games like Motorstorm, Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare, and LittleBigPlanet.

Spiral HouseSpiral House’s games have hit all leading platforms, including PC and mobile, and include a wide range of genres. They use internally developed tools and technology to set their games apart. Total control over the process means that their games stand out from the competition. With a commitment to developing unique, original titles, Spiral House and Maximum Games are set to release a game that’s both challenging and exciting.

About Troll and I

Troll and I wraps the fun of action-adventure games in an incredible story of teamwork and survival against the odds. Control two protagonists—a mythical troll and a teenage boy—with unique abilities as they flee a group of hunters who want to capture and kill the troll. Combining puzzles, combat, and customizable skills trees, Troll and I aims to encapsulate the best parts of action-adventure games with a dash of RPG storytelling and customization.

By controlling both characters, players are able to experience the fun of playing an incredibly strong magical being as well as an agile, clever teenage boy. Both character’s skills are invaluable on this journey through the Scandinavian wilderness, and the lavishly designed environments capture the natural beauty of the setting. Innovative dual-protagonist gameplay, creative puzzle-solving, skillful combat, and a heartfelt story of friendship make Troll and I a distinct and exciting new entry among contemporary action-adventure titles.

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